Marketing Automation Tool

The more you communicate with your customers as a brand, and in a personalized manner, the stronger the customer loyalty. Integrate dynamic content with printQ for more interaction and higher sales success rates.

Marketing Automation Tool
  • Get To Know Your Customers
  • Gain Back The Attention

Get To Know Your Customers

Every conversation starts with a greeting. With the help of code snippets, printQ says hello in person to potential customers. The simple and effective interface of our W2P solution offers exciting options for this at various points in the customer journey, whether in newsletter emails or in the store itself.

Gain Back The Attention

Launch your personalized cart abandonment campaign at the right time. With it, you turn orphaned shopping carts into successful purchases and maximize your profit.

printQ uses an intelligent analysis algorithm for this. It automatically detects when customers leave their shopping cart and launches targeted and personalized email campaigns to bring them back. Reminders, special offers, and individual recommendations also help to rekindle customers' interest.