The Magic of Variable Data Printing (VDP)

printQ supports the configuration of personalization products using Variable Data Printing (VDP). Variable Data Printing (also called one-to-one marketing) generates individualized pages, meaning some or all of the printed pages are different. Variable content comes from a database and is used to customize each document.

Variable Data Printing
  • Flexible Personalization
  • Intelligent Forms
  • Data Upload
  • Manual Data Input
  • Text, Barcodes and More

Flexible Personalization

Thanks to the integration of PDF/VT in printQ, all elements of your print product can be personalized. You determine which ones should be anchored in the layout and which can change dynamically. This ensures that every print product meets all of your corporate identity requirements.

Intelligent Forms

Thanks to our intelligent form field validation feature, each field always contains the correct data. If an entry is missing or incorrect, printQ automatically displays an error message. Simply specify in advance which input fields must be filled in— and which content elements should be checked.

Data Upload

Variable data printing with PDF/VT becomes child's play thanks to our upload function in printQ: It allows you to transmit multiple data sets via Excel or CSV files. The editor takes all contained data into account when personalizing products, whether you are designing business cards, flyers, or postcards.

Manual Data Input

If you do not have data sets available as an Excel or CSV file, you can alternatively create data records manually in the designer environment. They will then be transferred to the PDF print file during file export.

Text, Barcodes and More

You prefer to have control over everything yourself? Of course, that's possible too! Our PDF/VT integration supports many different data sources and formats for variable data printing, such as text, graphics, images and even barcodes.

PDF/VT meets CloudLab Designer

If you need as many design possibilities as possible, you can use the PDF/VT feature in our WYSIWYG designer. It helps you create the perfect print product and configure in all the personalization fields you need.