Image Upload From Mobile Devices

Design on the go? Sure! Images and graphics for new products also find their way into your next printQ design from your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Image Upload
  • A PC Rarely Comes Alone
  • QR-Code Scanning For Fast Connections
  • Freely Choose Your Devices
  • Drag and Drop

A PC Rarely Comes Alone

printQ is of course particularly impressive on the computer thanks to its flexible, responsive design. But when developing new features, we also always make sure that they take advantage of the possibilities offered by mobile technology. The best example of this is our flexible image upload feature.

QR-Code Scanning For Fast Connections

Images and graphics can be integrated into your design in no time at all with the help of a smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is click the "Smartphone" button on your computer and then scan a QR code for authentication.

Freely Choose Your Devices

Your mobile device is now directly connected to printQ. Simply select the photos you want in the associated web interface on your smartphone or tablet to transfer them to the printQ Design image library.

Drag and Drop

All uploaded image files are immediately available for your design work. Simply drag and drop them into the Designer and make the final touches with our formatting options: done.