eCommerce Integrations & API

printQ is based on an open "headless" architecture. This means full freedom to integrate the system into your individual websites or store systems. Our simple and well-documented API calls guarantee flexible workflows and fast results.

eCommerce Integrations & API
  • packQ Shop Connector
  • Flexible APIs

printQ Shop Connector

Setting up a combination of printQ and your individual web store is simple and straightforward. Our system is compatible with common eCommerce platforms, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. Additionally, we provide you with all the necessary tools and resources. At the heart of the process is our printQ Shop Connector. With just a few clicks, it integrates your printQ products into the webshop system.

Flexible APIs

The technological basis of our integration options is extremely versatile: The W2P system can be integrated into print production, workflow and ERP systems using SOAP/ REST APIs, via XML/JDF/XJDF/CSV or via JSON files. This simplifies the configuration of multiple production methods and allows you to connect the system to many different suppliers.