Wide Format Printing (WFP)

Our W2P solution makes it easier than ever to create stunning large-format prints. Whether for corporate appearances or for your own home: Any large canvas shines with printQ.

Wide Format Printing
  • Bringing Ads to Life
  • AI Template Gallery or Personal Designs?
  • Customized Looks
  • We Love Wide Formats

Bringing Ads to Life

Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to design individual roll-up banners or other large-format advertising materials so that their brand and products achieve the greatest possible attention? Our innovative printQ Editor makes it possible.

The process is straightforward and efficient: your customer simply selects the desired roll-up banner format and then clicks on the appropriate print material. The choices are vast: from robust vinyl to easily transportable paper or elegant textiles, you can offer everything—as long as your printer does.

AI Template Gallery or Personal Designs?

Our unique AI Template Gallery features millions of professional templates, many of which are designed for specific occasions or industries. So whether your client needs a banner for the next trade show, event, or store promotion: Our templates always provide inspiration and an ideal starting point for the next design.

Customized Looks

With custom design, you'll stand out from the crowd and make your large format products eye-catching. Whether you want to produce banners, posters, signs, or other large-format advertising materials—give your clientele the opportunity to get the full potential out of their large-format products.

We Love Wide Formats

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to change them in real time and ensure your design is perfect before you submit your order. No compromises, just custom large format products that impress.