Always Precise

Every print project depends on a precise preview. Whether in 2D, 3D or live: printQ displays your products accurately in every browser.

Print Previews
  • The right preview for each product
  • 2D, 3D or Live
  • One Design, Many Perspectives
  • Precise 2D Preview

The Right Preview For Every Product

Our award-winning designer not only allows interactive design of all kinds of print products, it also displays them directly. No less than three different print preview options are available in printQ to see designs in impressive detail and quality before they go to print.

2D, 3D or Live

All digitally designed print products demand an exact and suitable preview. Forms can be best checked for completeness in 2D, while flyers, roll-up banners or trade show posters need to look great in a point of sale environment. That's why your customers can choose to preview products in 2D, 3D or live. Of course, it is also possible to switch between these options on the fly. In any case, all changes are immediately mapped to the preview image and are visible after just one click. This ensures an enormously transparent and reliable design workflow.

One Design, Many Perspectives

Our ingenious 3D preview function makes it possible to intuitively view designs from different angles. Your customers can explore any print product in a virtual 3D space, rotate it and zoom in or out. This provides a realistic feel for how a product looks in the physical world in just a few seconds.

Precise 2D Preview

Our 2D preview feature on the other hand allows you to view designs in a precise and detailed way. This preview option is perfect for checking the arrangement of text and images, as well as colors, and making sure everything looks perfect. It is the ideal tool for designs with the highest quality and layout standards.