Production Workflow

Transform your production workflow with ease. Because with printQ, automation doesn’t stop until production.

Production Workflow
  • Absolute Precision
  • Less Cost, More Flexibility
  • Transformative Automation

Absolute Precision

After each order, printQ automatically creates print data and integrates it into the production workflow. If desired, standard-compliant JDF and XML files are also generated for the print job and transferred automatically. The print data can have multiple layers, with individual lines for the cut, fold, and other packaging aspects. Our intelligent automation thereby ensures that cutting dies and job pockets are created and transmitted correctly. Meaning: fewer sources of error, greater efficiency, and faster throughput times.

Less Cost, More Flexibility

Our hotfolder integration ensures efficient, secure and dynamic print data traffic. With printQ, everyone has an overview of the status of print jobs and can intervene if, for example, a customer has sent incorrect data.

Transformative Automation

Our innovative JDF-XML production workflow directly increases your competitiveness through intelligent automation. Get started today and experience the transformative power of automation in your print business.