Dynamic Preflight Check

The combination of printQ with preflight software ensures real-time checking of print data online. This allows you to directly assess whether the generated print data align with your specifications.

Dynamic Preflight Check
  • Check First, Then Print
  • Support for pdfToolbox and PitStop

Check First, Then Print

Usually it is only possible to check whether a selected configuration matches the uploaded customer data after orders have been placed. But critical requirements such as minimum font sizes, DPI or color spaces should be checked beforehand, so that everything is right in the end. printQ takes care of this: with our integrated preflight check, you can see at an early stage whether changes or corrections are necessary.

Support for pdfToolbox and PitStop

With Enfocus PitStop and callas pdfToolbox, our web to print system supports two leading preflight tools on the market. And it requires hardly any setup time. With a server license, both tools can be integrated into printQ in just a few minutes and help you achieve a better workflow with the benefits of modern print data verification.