AI Template Gallery

Designs are included for business and personal use, so your customers can start designing right away. Included are designs for business and personal use, with many different themes and looks.

AI Template Gallery
  • Millions of Templates
  • Liquid Layouts
  • One Design, Many Formats

Millions of Templates 

In our extensive AI Template Gallery, you will find a wealth of professionally designed templates, specially developed for different occasions and industries. Your customers simply choose a suitable template and then customize it to their liking.

Change colors, add text, upload your own logo and add a personal touch to the design. Let your creativity run wild so that every message comes across in the best possible way.

Whether it's just minor adjustments or extensive changes that need to be made, the printQ AI Template Gallery gives your customers full control over the look and style of each design.

Liquid Layouts

We are also into AI: When changing the dimensions of a print product in a printQ Liquid Layout, each panel and object of the template is calculated individually by the system. Then the elements are reordered according to a predefined structure. The AI tool behind all of this is fed numerous design rules for colors, shapes and divisions (e.g. golden section).

Based on these rules, the design is permanently recalculated and rearranged in relation to the new format. Our AI algorithm thus ensures that the result always looks perfect.

One Design, Many Formats

Whether you want to create posters, flyers, catalogs or other print products, printQ and Liquid Layouts allow your customers to use ready-made designs from our AI Template Gallery for different formats. Our system adapts your chosen design to the respective format requirements.