WYSIWYG at its best

When it comes to print products, every inch counts. printQ makes everything visible— with a precise designer that depicts each print product as it will be produced.

WYSIWYG Designer
  • The Heart of printQ
  • Adjusting in Real Time
  • Extremely Responsive

The Heart of printQ

The core of our Web to Print solution is the award-winning printQ Designer. It creates unique print products in seconds. The Designer takes care of setting up print data and places text, logos and graphics exactly where they are supposed to go.

Adjusting in Real Time

When setting up print data, the paradigm "What You See Is What You Get" is more important than perhaps anywhere else. That's why the Designer always takes the final dimensions into consideration—and displays changes immediately.

Extremely Responsive

As with all our solutions, we rely on modern technologies for the development of the Designer. Thanks to a flexible backend, our tool works flawlessly in all browsers—so your customers can start designing right away.