Textile Printing Designer

To ensure that your print products really shine, printQ can vectorize graphics and text and finish them in a variety of ways— interactively and with absolute precision.

Textile Printing Designer
  • Textile Printing Made Easy
  • No Jaggies
  • Everything Under Control

Textile Printing Made Easy

Our easy-to-use design tool allows your customers to implement their ideas in just a few steps. You can offer a variety of high-quality textile products like t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts etc. and still give your customers full control.

No Jaggies

Achieve outstanding print results and say goodbye to unsightly jaggies with our extremely accurate vectorization technology. printQ optimizes every printed image perfectly and ensures a clear and precise display of graphics and text.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art vectorization software, your artwork is converted into a vector format that allows for significantly improved image quality and finer details.

Whether it's the company logo, graphics or fonts that your clients only have as pixel art, our vectorization extension will bring out the best in your clients' artwork and give your printed product a professional and stunning look. You can set how many colors to vectorize with and with what accuracy using the settings sliders.

Everything Under Control

Our easy-to-use design tool allows your customers to select and customize fonts, change text colors, and add images and graphics.

Your customers have full control over the placement, alignment, and formatting of all elements. printQ also allows you to make changes in real time, so your customers can see the final result immediately.