Vectorization & Embellishment

To ensure that your print products really shine, printQ can vectorize graphics and text and finish them in a variety of ways— interactively and with absolute precision.

Vectorization & Embellishment
  • Simply Embellished
  • Any Finishing Technique Possible
  • ‍Vectorized in Seconds
  • Vectorize First and Finish After

Simply Embellished

The printQ finishing extension makes it child's play to design elegant, high-quality print products. Gold or silver foil stamping, spot varnishing, relief varnish or letterpress— everything is possible. Simply select the text in which you want to apply the desired embellishment, and you're ready to go. To finish multiple objects, repeat the process for each text field.

Any Finishing Technique Possible

Our printQ finishing extension can be tailored exactly to your needs. Do you have many different options for foil lamination? No problem. We can also add individual options for you, so you can easily offer white printing or Pantone colors instead of letterpress, or use the repertoire in its entirety.

‍Vectorized in Seconds

If you don't have any vector data available, but your customer wants a few finishing options, our vectorization extension comes to the rescue. There, your customer can set how precisely the product surfaces should be vectorized, including multiple smoothing and color options. In any case, vector graphics are created from pixelated ones in just a few steps, which your customers can then use in the designer for high-resolution printing or as the basis for a new product finishing option.

Vectorize First and Finish After

After all the text and graphics have been prepared for finishing, your customer has the opportunity to preview the final product in 3D to make sure that the printed result meets all the requirements.