Labels & Stickers

Stickers are almost always a good idea: whether on the laptop, the car or the cell phone—they give everything a personal touch.

Labels & Stickers
  • All Shapes and Materials
  • Simple Configuration
  • Amazing Live Preview
  • Comfortable Exports
  • Do You Need More Than Stickers?

All Shapes and Materials

Each sticker is defined by its shape: Should it be round or rather square? What about special shapes? No problem at all for printQ. The same applies to materials and embellishments: Just try whatever you feel like. Our designer tool can handle it.

Simple Configuration

In the printQ interface, all options for a product appear in simple drop-down menus. In just a few clicks, the basic design is ready and the further configuration process can begin.

Amazing Live Preview

As with all print products in printQ, the sticker design process is extremely flexible. Text, images and shapes can be part of the design in no time. Of course, you can also upload your own files on a desktop computer as well as on a smartphone. And our live preview shows exactly how the motif will look after it has been put onto stickers.

Comfortable Exports

When designing labels and stickers, printQ's export function is always at your service with useful control features. You can use the print preview in the browser for approval purposes, pay attention to details with the zoom function and, of course, also download a PDF preview.

Do You Need More Than Stickers?

Cool stickers are one of printQ's domains—but there's more to it than that. Our software solutions also create professional labels with detailed descriptions and prepare them for printing. That's what our web-to-pack solution, packQ is for: It doesn't matter whether your customers want to create labels for cosmetics or food—packQ is up for it.